Midnight Stoner Trippy Psychedelic Coloring Book: Detailed Trippy Psychedelic Coloring Pages for Adults, Stoner, Skulls, Mushrooms, Fun Designs

Looking for a trippy and psychedelic coloring book with professionally designed images? Look no further!

For adults, stoners, and anyone else who enjoys all things trippy and psychedelic, this coloring book is brimming with intricate trippy hippie coloring pages. This coloring book has it all, from skulls and mushrooms to lovely and whimsical designs.

Coloring has been shown to have many therapeutic advantages in addition to being entertaining and creative, including lowering stress, enhancing focus and concentration, and even boosting self-esteem and confidence. You’ll not only enjoy coloring these surreal images, but you’ll also be giving your body and mind a much-needed break.

This coloring book would make a wonderful present for any stoner or trippy enthusiast in your life. Get your copy of the “Midnight Stoner Trippy Psychedelic Coloring Book” from Skyway Studios!

This Coloring Book features:

  • 30+ Soothing Images: Feel your troubles and worries instantly melt away. As every page gives you a cathartic release from stress and anxiety.
  • The goal was to create designs that would allow you to fully express your artistic flair, complete with intricate details that showcase your imagination.
  • The mushroom is a representation of strength, well-being, vitality, life force, and change. Every page that calls your name contains YOUR power. Find it. Whenever your creative spirit needs it, color your way to tranquility.
  • Designs that will instantly calm your stress and anxiety. This causes a rapid surge of feel-good hormones in your brain, improving your mood and state of being.
  • Excellent for gifts.

Discover the calm and pleasure that can be experienced by coloring. These illustrations are intended to create an immersive type of art therapy that’s sure to fulfill the needs of anyone seeking to unwind and escape reality.